Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Delid Demonstration on SN54LS107AJ

Ceramic components require a simple mechanical maniuplation (compared to the chemical etching process required the decap plastic components).  Please note the two video's below illustrating the mechanical delid as well as the optical equipment required to verify and inspect the die inside of this chip.

Please note a photo of the product prior to the DPA:

The following image is a photograph of the die magnified.   You will note the presence of LS107A etched onto this die.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AT28C25615LM883 Atmel 256K (32K x 8) Paged Parallel EEPROM in Stock

Oxygen Electronics has several hundred of AT28C56-15LM/883 by Atmel in stock.  This 256K Paged Parallel EEPROM is available for sale.

More information including the Atmel Datasheet can be found at

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MC44S803EPR2 by Freescale (Motorola) Available for Sale

On August 17th, 2009 Freescale announced in notification 13733 that MC44S803EPR2 would no longer be manufacturing its RF CMOS Modulator and Silicon Tuner products and would be selling the production rights to Abilis Systems as of October 1st, 2009.

Oxygen Electronics has a limited amount of this product available for immediate sale from Freescale. This product is a Low Power CMOS Broadband Tuner packaged in a 64 pin Quad Flat Package and RoHS Compliant

For more information about this part including the Freescale datasheet please visit:

For similar products please visit:

Other items effected by this sale are:
MC44S803EPR2 .htm

Global Semiconductor Billing Rebounds in Q4

According to data provided to by the SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association), global semiconductor shipments (3 month moving average) reached a recent high in October of 2010 of $21.7 Billion.  A recent low of $14.23 Billion was seen in February of 2009.  This period of high billings and sales growth is concurrent with a positive book-to-bill trend (July was 1.06, August was 1.06, September was 1.17, and October was 1.10) which is just one of the many very recent positive indicators associated with the semiconductor market.

Please note the graph below displaying Global Semi Shipments:

Global Semiconductor Shipments

Friday, December 4, 2009

Microsemi Closure of Scottsdale, AZ Facility

A few weeks ago, Microsemi announced their intent to close the Scottsdale, AZ (SD) manufacturing facility. Below are further details as relates to this closure.

Parts listed here are affected because they are currently being manufactured using die qualified by the SD facility. Going forward, all fab processes will transition to MSW’s Lawrence, MA facility or to their Garden Grove, CA facility - both DSCC qualified fab locations.
• The closure is targeted for June 2011, but MSW will NOT close the facility until Lawrence is substantially complete in development of die, and assembly qualifications

• Future assembly will be done in Lawrence & burn in & testing will be done in Ennis, Ireland

• Both Lawrence & Ennis have ample capacity to handle the additional demand

• MSW will be building a 2 yr die inventory & will be building a 6-12 mth finished goods inventory above & beyond any existing backlog or expected new orders over the next 18 mths

• MSW will keep the leadership team of SD in place throughout the transition

• MSW will review the lowest 10% volume slash sheets (product families) and SCD’s for potential EOL candidates. These should be announced by the end of Q1 2010

• Lawrence transistors are manufactured on entirely different dedicated production lines & will not be affected by the transition of new products into the facility

Thursday, December 3, 2009

HCTL-2016 by Hewlett Packard Available for Sale

Oxygen Electronics has several hundred of the obsolete HCTL-2016 by Hewlett Packard available for sale.  This part is a Surface Mount Quadrature Decoder - Counter Interface IC.

More information about this part can be found at as well as a datasheet and photos of this product.  You can also contact

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IRFD120PBF by International Rectifier Availalbe for Sale

Oxygen currently has OEM Excess of more than 20K pieces of IRFD120PBF by International Rectifier.  This HEXFET Power Mosfet is available for sale.

Please visit for a datasheet.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

X2200P3KVCC by Thomson in STOCK

Oxygen Electronics currently has 500 of X2200P3KVCC in stock and available for sale for more information about the part including a photo please visit: or